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Thanks for your interest in being a member of the RIHCC

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Gracias por su interes en ser miembro de RIHCC


Why become a member of RIHCC

  • Opportunities for growth (professional and individual)
  • Access to resources (connections with official agencies / other organizations / financial groups, etc.
  • Community participation (helps them return to their area).
  • Face-to-face interaction with other business owners leading to stronger business relationships
  • Support to solve problems that affect merchants in general.
  • A powerful source of referrals.
  • Have a link to the RIHCC’s website, which is an authorized reference point that impacts the search engines.
  • More online presence through our social networks (website, Facebook page and others), so a direct link tells Google that your site is also important by association.
  • Create relationships with other members of the Chamber, which in turn generates recommendations by word of mouth, and these in turn generate visibility on the Internet.